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We supply and install ECO360® recyclable
cardboard desks

Light-Weight and Durable Eco-Friendly Desks, Delivered Nationwide


About Us

DeskCo360 proudly supplies ECO360® to the United States, a cardboard recycled desk that comes in 2 sizes 30"x60' and 30"x48". The ECO360 desk has a strong cardboard chassis, and the top surface is 1/8 clear plexiglass with a wire manager under the desk, a top grommet, and two side knock out access holes.

The product launched in 2017 with Thousands of these fully recyclable cardboard desks have been installed in the UK, mainly within large-scale construction site accommodation where a long-term temporary and environmentally friendly disposable workstation is an ideal solution.

We now supply and install ECO360® cardboard desks in the United States.